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BahamaLure GoldenEye Marlin Pack - Hand Made Tackle

BahamaLure GoldenEye Marlin Pack

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Featuring 6 of our best fish catching lures all in one pack. The GoldenEye lures have risen above all other lure patterns to become #1. The heads are solid black with a huge 24 carat gold leaf eye for maximum contrast and visibility. Nothing makes a marlin or other gamefish want to hit a lure more than if it looks like something good to eat! 

Made from water clear urethane resin these hand made, keel weighted lures will run right every time and will never fade, chip or turn yellow. Use them 'till you lose them! 

Choose your rigging options from unrigged, single or double hook all stainless hook cable rigs on 400# L-P mono.  This pack comes in a 6 lure padded lure bag. 

All BahamaLures and rigs are -- > Made in USA.