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CenterFire Lures

Elephants eat peanuts, everyone knows that! Open up any predatory fish, from Grander Blues right down to peanut Mahi’s and you are sure to find little bait fish in their stomachs. Since 2003 Capt. Roddy Hays has been developing a range of small lures to match these little bait fish and at the same time hold up to the rigors of trolling. An excellent small trolling lure is very difficult to find – until now! Solving the ‘tiny bait’ issue can be the difference between success and failure when that’s all the predators are looking for. These little baits run straight and true from 4 to 20 knots with surprisingly low drag, they are outfitted with just enough shine, shimmer, color, and flash to imitate the bait fish and trigger the bite! Whether you are filling the live well with Blue Runners, catching live Skipjacks for Marlin or just out to catch something for supper these Dawn Patrol Lures are the ticket! Dawn Patrol Lures are made from ammunition casings and range from 2 to 9 inches. The rifle shells make incredible rattle plugs and the relatively large 12 Gauge is great over a Bally-Hoo!

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