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Shop Trolling Lures by Size 

Our goal is to create an easy to use site whether you are a novice or tournament angler. You can match your tackle to our lures easily by shopping by size. Choose from light, medium and heavy tackle lures below. We have also broken down the lures by species. While most of our lures are liable to catch any pelagic, some work better then others for certain species. Marlin, Wahoo, Tuna and Mahi, we have them all...

Light Tackle Lures

These light tackle trolling lures can be paired up with smaller tackle when targeting Mahi and Tuna. 

Medium Tackle Lures

Our medium tackle selection can be run on 30W and 50W tackle. Perfect for all species.

Heavy Tackle Lures

For the serious big game fisherman, these lures should be paired up with minimum 80W tackle.

Shop by Species

Targeting a particular species? While we feel any of our lures will catch most pelagics, we have matched up some of the most popular lure heads with the species it has the best chance of catching. 

Marlin Lures

We carry the finest selection of handmade marlin lures available.

Wahoo Lures

High speed and regular spread wahoo lures.

High Speed Wahoo

These wahoo lures are meant to be trolled between 13-16 knots.

Tuna/Ahi Lures

We carry a huge selection of some of the finest tuna/ahi lures.

Mahi Lures

Mahi will hit lures of all sizes so don't be afraid to use larger trolling lures.

Monster Lures/Teasers

Our selection of Monster Lures and Teasers features some of the biggest names in the industry.