Legend 50 Vulcan

Legend 50 Vulcan


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The Vulcan 50 is a very popular medium tackle short-bait lure and is developing a great reputation as a good all-around performer, capable of being placed anywhere in the spread. With a lot less taper than some similarly shaped heads, the Vulcan remains stable through a whole slew of rough-water conditions while still submerging in a moderately deep cycle. It’s not just a great splash bait though, as it really does dive with a long distinct bubble-trail.

It has a good hookup reputation and is the perfect partner for a louder more aggressive bait up shorter, or a quieter “mouse-trap” bait further behind it. The Vulcan has been used a great deal as a short-corner lure by crews since we introduced it in 2008, but it is tremendously stable for a slant-headed bait and therefore does make an effective stand-alone long-corner lure as well. As an all-out attack lure though, it excels on the short rigger when running in monster country, where it will get hammered by aggressive fish, and it makes an aggressive, noisy teaser.

Recommended line size for rigging 300# minimum.

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