Bahama FlouroLures

Bahama Lures unique line of Fluorescent lures have been an all out success since their debut in 2009. These Hi-Viz lures are especially deadly on cloudy and overcast fishing days when the light is dim or flat. Dark colors like blacks, purples and blues do not show up well in the dark water but these FluoroLures are as bright as can be - making them very easy for the fish to find!

What does this have to do with lures? And why would we want a fluorescent lure?

What colors fish can see is often debated, but what is commonly agreed upon is that they see contrast very well, bright against dark, or dark against bright (silhouette). A fluorescent object stands out very well against a dark background when it is in a UV enriched environment. Water happens to be a very good infrared filter, red is the first color to disappear in water, degrading rapidly as the depth increases. This works horizontally as well, not just vertically. Cloud also filters out much of the IR which is why you can be sunburned on an overcast day as the high energy UV light easily penetrates through the cloud cover.

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